"Reshaping the food system
by putting farmers back at the
centre of it"


Who we are

Future Farm Lab is a collective co-founded by three ladies who started their journeys in technical science. What happens with you combine a lab meat scientist, a synthetic biologist and a science journalist? An explosion of inquisitiveness, creativity, exploration and the creation of a collective whose aim is to reshape the food system by putting farmers back at the centre of it, connecting them with consumers, retailers and technology.

Now Future Farm Lab has grown into a team of scientists, artists, farmers, engineers, experience designers and more. Together we  are all on a journey that spans the length and breadth of our food and farming system. We connect, curate and communicate by: conducting laboratory research, running workshops and experiments to investigate food; supporting and collaborating with agro-ecological and innovative groups within the food chain; and creating thought provoking talks and exhibitions to regain transparency and trust in our food system.

Our life is all about connecting diverse groups, stimulating discussion, encouraging questions and investigating solutions. We involve as many people as possible in our process as they believe this is the key to building a sustainable food network.


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Meet The Team


Abi Aspen Glencross





Abi Aspen Glencross is a scientist, farmer and botanical explorer based in Hertfordshire.
A trained chemical engineer and ex-synthetic meat scientist she changed her career tact and co-founded the collective Future Farm Lab; #OurField, a cereal coop movement; and The Sustainable Food Story, a roving supperclub that travels around the UK connecting citizens to the origins of our food through interactive dinners.
Her passion is for heritage and landrace grains, and when not working she can be found back in her Cornish homeland, with her characteristic ski suit with a cup of tea and slice of obscure grain cake in hand.


Sophie Perry



Sophie works by day in advertising and by night as a freelance science writer, where she focusses on questioning and exploring everyday science that goes by unnoticed. 

Sophie’s passion for science communication arose while she was studying Biology at Oxford. Here, she became Editor in Chief of the science magazine, Bang!, where she spearheaded the popular ’Women in Science’ themed issue. 

Like the rest of the team, Sophie is passionate about communicating the environmental importance of food sourcing to unsuspecting members of the public. In particular, Sophie's interests are ocean health and the effect of fishing trends as well as soil health and farming practice.

Check out her website here.


Phoebe Tickell



Phoebe is the plant and algae expert of the crew. Her passion for restoring the food system and finding a symbiotic relationship between new technology and old wisdom stems from growing up with roots in Hungary, where her family grew almost entirely all of their fruit and vegetables.

After completing her undergraduate degree in Plant and Microbial Sciences at University of Cambridge, she… worked at a life science consultancy, lived on a sustainable farming community in Laos, worked on a rice farm, and now works in a algae synthetic biology lab at Imperial College London.

During her time at Imperial she got involved in creative forms of education and creating science workshops that inspire and excite people of all ages.

She is a futurist, and utopian, and loves imagineering a more beautiful future world. Her projects include giving workshops around the world with 225 Academyand help re-define the way we work with IO Collective. She writes a blog, which can be found here.


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