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Sunday Papers Live

  • Cecil Sharpe House 2 Regent's Park Rd London NW1 7AY UK (map)

Sunday Papers Live is a day of talks, walks, performances & feasts that bring the broadsheets to life.



For Abi and Phoebe life in food super tech seemed pretty peachy. Twentysomething scientists feeling they were creating something necessary for a sustainable food future.

But as they began to get their hands dirty, slowly they have been exposed to a world that is turning theirs upside down. A world where we are loosing our biodiversity, that is rife with food related health issues, where we are continually degrading the land.

Maybe we don’t need to produce more food to feed our growing population. Maybe we can feed the world chemical free. And maybe some of our technology is doing more harm than good.


All of a sudden they have started to question the role of the very technology they are working on, and the fundamental reason why they started doing their research. To produce good quality food for people and the environment.

Genetic modification, automated farmers, drones spraying pesticides, even growing meat in the lab.

Is this all really necessary? Is it actually helping or have we gone too far?

And have we forgotten the root of all of our food? The sun, the soil, the seeds. The farmers.