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Paths to Utopia: Our Future on a Plate @ Somerset House

The Full English Breakfast, containing ingredients from many of the major food groups, is a great place to start our food utopia journey. 

When we think of food utopia, we picture a system distinct from our current method of exhausting the soil and her nutrients through intensive farming and petrochemicals. True food utopia involves food production within our means, and a deeper connection to the food and its origin. 

In this series we look at possible sustainable food futures through food photography by exploring how we could replace the components of a Full English Breakfast. All of the aspects of a Full English are static throughout the year - not changing with the seasons or gradual climate adaptations. If we were to incorporate these simple factors into what we ate, we could see a food system that aligns much more closely with the environment in which it’s grown.

We at Future Farm Lab look to revolutionise the food system by putting farmers at the centre of the food chain - through connecting them with retailers, consumers and technology. Considering farming practises at the heart of what we eat will tie us intrinsically to more seasonal ingredients that work with the land rather than against it, and are healthier for us and our society as a result.

Photography by Joe Sarah Photography ¦ @joesarahphoto
Curated by Future Farm Lab ¦ @futurefarmlab
Abi Aspen Glencross, Phoebe Tickell, Sophie Perry
Food Stylist: Myles Williamson
Prop Stylist: Freya Cardiff
Graphic Design: Tom Groves

Special thanks:
Jamie and Michael at May Studio ¦ King’s College Cultural Institute ¦ Somerset House ¦ New Harvest ¦ ESRC ¦ All the suppliers

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