New Harvest

New Harvest is building the field of cellular agriculture funding strategic foundational research, convening stakeholders (or, you can say " those committed to ushering in the next revolution in agriculture”); and informing students and the public at large.

They are supporting numerous cellular agriculture research projects including Abi Aspen Glencross's 'Steak without Cows' PhD.




Crossmodalism is a movement born from the synthesis of art, science, and entrepreneurship. It is based in learning and collaboration across non-traditionally linked disciplines, ideas, and communities. Through this foundation, Crossmodalism fosters an appreciation of the full human experience in connection to its sensorial and natural environment.




Farmerama Radio is a podcast that shares great stories from the smaller scale farming movement in the UK & beyond. The podcast is run by Abby Schlageter & team, who are all involved with small scale farming themselves in some way. They are out in the field digging out what's really going on.

Tune in to episode 10 at, where they visit Groundswell Farm in Hertfordshire to find out about no-till farming and agroecological practises.