Future Farm Lab Vol. 5: The Sustainable Food Story Supperclub

The Sustainable Food Story presents...

"Running Through A Field of Wheat"

Sunday 30th & Monday 31st July 2017; 7pm
The Skip Garden, Kings Cross, London

What happens when you lock a laboratory meat scientist turned farmer, an eco-chef and a grains chef in a room? They cook up a grain storm, that’s what!
Get ready....Future Farm Lab are teaming up with Global Generations at the Skip Garden!

When we chat about grain you might consider us a little boring. You might think of flour, that white loaf of bread, that limp bowl of pasta or Theresa May being naughty and running through a field of wheat.
You might even have heard about the vast monocultures they often grow in and the quantities fed to animals.
But what if 3 young ladies took you on a journey through the diversity of grain. The ancient wheats, the delicate flavours, how nourishing each one can be.
We ask, “how can grains be part of a healthy, delicious and environmentally conscious way of eating?”
Come and join us for a 4 course tasting menu where heritage grains lie at the heart. Together we look back into their history, what’s occurring at present and what the future may hold in an immersive evening of storytelling teamed with a host of unique ingredients sourced for their narrative, seasonality and sustainability.

Grain-y love,

Abi Aspen, Giorgia, Phoebe and Sadhbh

Website: thesustainablefood.wixsite.com/tsfs

Abi Aspen Glencross